Wietske Maas is a cultural worker and an artist researching urban ecologies. Based in Amsterdam since 2005, Wietske combines artistic pursuits with work as a producer and curator for the European Cultural Foundation and as researcher, project manager and managing editor for the concluding phase of FORMER WEST (2014-2016).

In 2007, she coined the term ‘urbanibalism’ and started developing with Matteo Pasquinelli the eponymous project urbanibalism. Urbanibalism picks a bone with the binary morality that casts nature and culture into separate ecologies. It seeks instead a newfound materialist ethics for the city, using cultural tools to explore the urban as a messy site of digestions between people, institutions, other life forms and non-organic matter. Tapping into unexpected food chains to make new public recipes and conviviums, urbanibalism metabolises new relations between art, philosophy, science and the urban public sphere.

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